Sunday, November 11, 2007

Leaving home.. for 1 week

I've finished packing up the items for my next fun-filled week in Pulau Tekong, going leave for the interchange 15 minutes later. Haha see you guys in 1 weeks time. Time flies so fast.

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Fun day, what's next?

I had a good day yesterday, having some cool Orange Julius ice-cream and window shopping around Orchard Road, afterwhich I watched a movie called 'Lion for Lambs'. Its a good movie, though there was alot of conversation, the film delved deeply into the Iraq-War and the viewpoints and mental states of overall international community.

Tomorrow morning I would have to start packing up for my trip back to P. Tekong school, and more things to look forward to. I wonder what my commanders have planned for us.. lol. ^^.

Anyway the activity i enjoy most are the Swimming Lessons every Tuesday. The Physical Training Instructors are nice and fun, for that 1 hour of time we relax and enjoy.

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Friday, November 9, 2007


Good friends are hard to come, and it takes lots of time to build up a strong relationship. I think after what I have done this year to my friends, they would probably be thinking I'm not worthy of the friendship anymore.. lol.

I don't blame them, after my un-caringness and irresponsiblity it should be what it is now :)

Now i have new friends from my bunkmates, will everything turn out well? I'm trying my best, but I don't expect much after i shunned my friends in the past who tried to care for and help me change.. :)

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Back from school for 4 Days

Hello ppl im back from BMT School 2, for 4 short days man... life's there is really good and disciplined, How are all of you doing now?? :D

We have good food everyday, including Ice-Cream sumtimes, besides that I've made some friends from my bunk mates, going outing with them tomorrow to buy some Army Stuff, and watching a movie at Somerset, most probably Cineleisure or Lido i think haha.

We did alot of things there, including tidying our own bunk well, arranging our items in a stated specified manner and even washing our own clothes! lol.. its quite fun i think haha. My bunk mates were all friendly and helpful, I took some time to adjust to the way things were in the Camp and how it worked :) but glad things have all turned out well in the end.

There were times i felt discouraged, but continued on because everyone definitely makes it through, training is really fun, trust me haha but there was more freetime for us Pes C recruits compared to those of Pes A and B.

Well my hair looks different now too.. lol

Haha its really a new experience, im going to enjoy man, 5 more weeks to go!! :)

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Shoot 'em up

I watched a movie, 'Shoot 'em up' on Wednesday at Cathay cineplex in amkhub. Haha.. Its a good M18 show, somehow violent tho.. ^^ I consider it a good with the right of mix of everything, including humour in some parts of it.

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What should i do tml

Life has been.. kinda fine i guess lol. I've been at home playing computer games for the past few weeks after quitting my job at fairprice, including an online game called the '9 Dragons'. Its about ancient China set during the Ming Dynasty, where different martial sects with conspiracies come together n start recruiting Disciples to lay down lives for them.. hehe :) There's really nth much to do now after im off work at 2pm everyday since tuesday :)

It was released in January 2007 in form of Open Beta, and is now officially released in May 2007.


These are some cool graphics that can be found in the game: psst (My character is bald, he joined Shao Lin)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Hi Peeps im back! :D

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